A WHISPER OF SILK – designed as an exclusive Private Adult Club for Members ONLY, set amidst romantic gardens, featuring Themed Areas to cater for your every desire.

Cruisecontrol - Owner of A Whisper of Silk Cruisecontrol Resident
Owner – A Whisper of Silk
Deb Aristocarnas A Whisper of Silk Owner Deb Aristocarnas
Owner – A Whisper of Silk

When Deb and I met for the first time and danced at the beautiful Frank’s Jazz club, little did we realise that a few months later we would be the proud owners of a custom built elite club in SL.

With many weeks and hours spent and a LOT of work, we are very proud of what we have produced. Even our name, A WHISPER OF SILK, demanded hours of careful thought. Wanting to initiate desire from its name, a curiosity of its title – we like to think that simply reading it, will entice a vision of silken images, smooth silken touches and …. well let’s just say it’s only limited by your own imagination.