deb aristocarnas and cruisecontrol resident


Respect our Rules – they are enforced for your continued pleasure and enjoyment of our Club. Show respect to ALL Owners, Staff and Members of A Whisper of Silk regardless of race, ethnicity, religious group, gender or sexual orientation.

No child avatars or teen avatars. Absolutely no age-play of any kind. This is an Adult Entertainment Sim… and any childlike behavior will immediately incur a ban. You must be 18 years old or older to be a Member of A Whisper of Silk. If you are asked to change your age appearance by one of our Managers or Staff, please do so at once. We understand that some people prefer to keep to RL height, so we ask that your avi, demeanor and profile must decidedly look like a person who is over 18.

The roleplay here is about interaction of adult humans, and near humans (Nekos, etc) . Therefore full animal, creature – mythical or otherwise, robot etc will not be permitted anywhere within the Main club environment. If you have an avatar that is mostly human – wearing elf ears, horns, discreet legs such as faun legs etc, dressed in appropriate clothing, this will be taken under individual consideration by the owners and club management. All decisions by owners and staff will be final.

It is our intention to provide a Themed area to cater for non-human activities, however this is not part of the Club structure at the present time.

We have created a very elegant, stylish atmosphere, therefore our dress code reflects the ambiance we are looking to preserve at A Whisper of Silk. Smart Casual to Formal Elegance is acceptable as Entry into the Main Club and Garden areas.

There may be occasions when Club Management decides to conduct special ‘themed days’ during which our dress code rules will be relaxed for a given period of time. This will be done at the discretion of management.

Nudity is welcomed and encouraged in our Themed Group Room areas (See: Guide to Themed Rooms).

When using voice in the appropriate locations it should be used with respect, no shouting or arguing. If you are debating or having a conversation with another person, do a direct or conference call.
Also we ask you to check that your microphone is OFF when not in use, and your volume at an appropriate level to cut out background noises. We will take steps if you are broadcasting music, household sounds or any other inappropriate use of open voice. No children or babies should be heard in the background when using voice. Constant use of foul and abusive language is not permitted.

In addition this is a NO BITING area. The use of vampire huds is considered harassment. Anyone found offering fangs or biting to anyone else will be ejected.
Do not disturb others who are actively involved having sex, do not interfere, do not interrupt. Any attempts to manipulate a couple’s pose ball menu will be grounds for instant ejection and banning from the club.
NO ESCORTING. If you are an escort somewhere else please remove any tags that indicate such before landing at A Whisper of Silk. There will be no public offers to escort
Please do not use this location to advertise or solicit any offers on other places, products or services. Switch off all your automatic huds that send group invites, landmarks or messages at random. DO NOT send random commercial messages on purpose, or beg for money, sexual favors, pictures or voice.

And Please DO NOT flood the Local Chat or any private channels with text, gestures be it manually or from scripted attachments.

Any of these will be considered to be a form of harassment

TIPPING: Whilst we don’t insist, request or assume Tipping – we do accept any gratuity that is forthcoming as an appreciation to our Staff, Service and Club. It aids to continue the quality of service and facility we pride ourselves in at A Whisper of Silk to ensure your continued enjoyment and pleasure.

OUR STAFF: DO NOT disregard the requests of any of our Managers or Supervisors whose job it is to enforce the rules. Our staff also are asked to moderate other details of this club not listed in our rules, such as who may or may not be in certain restricted areas. If you are IM’d with a request to comply with any of these rules or other issues, please do so at once – as being non responsive is also grounds for removal.
Abuse or harassment of any of our Staff will not be tolerated. If you are found to be ignoring our staffs request, you will consequentially be removed.
Any unauthorized person found to be enforcing our rules will be found to be impersonating staff. Thus, said person(s) will be subject for removal.

Failure to follow above principles will result in immediate dismissal from the club and banning from the land without reimbursement of your Membership fee regardless of length of membership time.

Many thanks and please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have any query or would like any further assistance.

A Whisper of Silk Management
Cruisecontrol Resident, Owner
Deb Aristocarnas, Owner