Thanks to all who shared

A Whisper of Silk’s
Valentine’s Day Celebration!


Keeba Tammas

followed by

The Debut Performance of the ‘Whisperers’
at SILKS Romantic Ballroom & Restaurant

The evening of romantic dancing, elegant gifts and fun prizes was a splendid celebration for all!

Keeba Tammas contributed her excellent presentation and style in keeping with the high standards appreciated and expected by our guests
The Whisperers debuted as an in- house performance group meant to enrich the experience and entertain the audience with perfect musical selections, factoid information and Scottish humor!
(Cruise Control our MC and band leader likes golf)

  • From the red winged hostess cherub
  • to the rose given upon greeting
  • to the wonderful creative gifts
  • A mesh custom tux for him and
  • A mesh designer ball gown for her

A whisper of Silk continues to set and exceed the standards of romantic elegance in Second Life.
Cruise Control and Deb Aristocarnas, our Host and Hostess, offer that special personal touch so rare these days, leaving everybody
with the feeling they enjoyed themselves, were sincerely welcome and were right where they belong!
The” A Touch of Silk” Crew is working hard now to plan more events that will be something you can and will look forward to.
And from A Whisper of Silk – A Very Big Thank you!

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Valentines Day Feb 14 2017