WGC 2015 Easter Golf Tournament COMPETITORS
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Bugsy and Rusty comtemplating the golf holeContemplation
Slight breeze, moderate temperature
Focus, calculation, a WIN
MoonlighthQueen waiting for her golf puttMoonlighthQueen
Challenging the other Golfers
with not only her striking looks
but also her golfing drive
Bugsy Winner of the WGC Golf Tournament “Bugsy”
Preparing for a Challenge!.
Bugsy Bugsy. flight of the golf ballBugsy Chance Leitner Chance Leitner
Chris FarstriderChris Farstrider. Chris FarstriderChris Farstrider
CrowelyCorp and Akasha RainCrowelyCorp and Akasha Rain
Cruise and DebCruise and Deb
CruiseControl “CruiseControl”
Cruise driving the golf courseCruise. Cruise and the TiniesAlternate PLay Jax on tee 11 Jax (JackCortoda)
RobRob Larkham
Rob LarkhamRob Larkham. Rob Larkham putting Rob Larkham
RustyBird and MoonlighthRustyBird and MoonlighthQueen
RustyBird, Bugsy and MoonlighthMoonlighthQueen, RustyBird
and Bugsy
Rusty and MoonlightRusty and Moonlight
RustyBirdRustyBird. RustyRusty Snooker Snooker
Snooker and JimboSnooker and Jimbo Jimbo and SnookerJimbo and Snooker. Snow and LeslieSnow and Leslie
on the greenTiny’s on the Green YeleanYelaen Yelaen Yelaen
Nicholas MurdochNicholas Murdoch. Nicholas Murdoch Tee 1Nicholas Murdoch Scoreboard error WHAT’S Wrong with the

Happy CruiseCruise
Even 5 mins of FAME
feels good!!
Leaderboard golf tournament 1FINAL Top six Players. Golf Leaderboard 2 6-11th Placings
Tournament Scoreboard 3Final 12th – 14th Placings
Even 5 mins of FAME
feels good!!