The Front 9 Holes play through beautiful landscaped surrounds

WGC Hole one Tee Golf CourseHole 1 – Par 3
An easy Hole to begin with. As a suggestion
consider driving off the Tee to the
RIGHT of the rocks in front of you!
The water in front make this a
bit of a challenge for the novice Golfer
WGC Hole 2 Tee Golf CourseHole 2 – Par 4
Drive to the LEFT when hitting off, otherwise you may land in the water. Aim for the shade of the big tree which can be welcome relief on a hot day. A couple of good drives off the fairway will see you on the Green
WGC Hole 3 Tee Golf Course Hole 3 – Par 3
This appears more difficult than it looks. Drive towards the LEFT again, otherwise there is a danger of running down the slope into the water. Watch out for the non-phantom trees.
WGC Hole 4 Tee Golf Course Hole 4 – Par 3
Drive towards the bridge but don’t hit too far as there is a reason there is a bridge. Please do not feed the Kangaroos.A simple chip onto the green and you can get a Par
A WShisper of Silk WGC Golf Course Tee hole 5 Hole 5 – Par 3
This is a deceptively difficult hole as you are faced with non – phantom trees, water and tricky slopes.Try playing OVER the trees.
TEE Hole 6 WGC Golf Course Hole 6 – Par 4
You might want to play this hole with your world set at midnight. As the poet said ‘To see the pale moon rising o’er the dark and distant trees and listening to the sounds of night carried in the breeze…’ makes the hole a magical one.
WGC Golf Hole 1Hole 7 – Par 4
Enjoy the view of our magnificent Club House before you drive off. Large rocks and a sloping fairway makes this  hole a challenging one
A Whisper of Silk Golf Hole 2Hole 8 – Par 4
A bit of a walk back  but worth it. Straight drives will serve you well here.. but yes……MORE non phantom trees to try your patience……..and your skills..
WGC Golf Hole 1Hole 9 – Par 4
A delightful hole where the true beauty of the Course really starts to o emerge. Tak time out to appreciate the views.. but don’t hold up the players following you. The hole finishes at the back entrance of our exciting new Club..