Thursday 11th June 2015
Begins 5am SL – Until Midnight

(Game is NINE holes only – as nominated below)

1. You must have a WGC Scorecard to play (Cost: 20 linden)
and a set of Clubs. (Minimum Hire Cost 1 linden.)
2. You can ONLY play ONE Round of Golf on the day.
You may practice as much as you like before the day.
3. Prizes will be rewarded to ALL Players that complete the Nominated 9 Hole Round with Totals on their WGC Scorecard
MAJOR Prize Winners will be required to produce a summary of their WGC Score Card
4. The Competition is played on various Holes throughout the Course. Play ONLY those Holes
5. If playing with others on the day ALTERNATE putts MUST be taken on the GREENS

Every Player in the Competition must play these nominated holes ONLY and in the following order
Game Holes will be RECORDED as the first NINE holes on
your Scorecard as shown below
Hole 1: (1), Hole 4: (2), Hole 5: (3), Hole 7: (4), Hole 9: (5),
Hole 11: (6), Hole 12: (7), Hole 15: (8) and Hole 18(9)
Once you have a completed Scorecard
Please feel free to continue exploring the other attractions on the Sim.